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We are happy to announce Kuma’s first release in 2022, which is packed with features and improvements, including substantial performance improvements when running at scale.
We strongly suggest to upgrade, in order to take advantage of the latest and greatest when it comes to service mesh.

Notable Features

🚀 A new Zone Egress resource to create a single egress point from a Zone, that goes in hand with the pre-existing Kuma Ingress. This new features has been added in addition to the pre-existing egress behavior, which means that Kuma now allows to configure two egress modes: centralized via Zone Egress, or decentralized from the sidecars.
🚀 A new builtin gateway mode in addition to delegated mode. Kuma now ships with an Envoy-based gateway implementation to expose services from within the service mesh to the outside world – or to other meshes – using an Envoy based ingress. This is currently a preview and can be enabled by starting the control-plane with –experimental-meshgateway.
🚀 This new version ships with a 90% decrease in memory consumption when running Kuma at scale, as part of our ongoing effort to make Kuma the fastest service mesh in the world.
New troubleshooting tooling in the CLI and GUI to help identify issues faster.
A new Mesh membership capability that determines, top-down, what DPPs should be part of a Mesh (in addition to the bottom-up membership mode that is already supported, where a DPP can choose what Mesh it belongs to).
Helm chart improvements to provide custom imagePullSecrets.
Updated Envoy proxy to v1.21.1.

For a complete list of features and updates, take a look at the full changelog. Also check the upgrade path.

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