👉Read the full announcement on the Kuma blog

We are happy to announce Kuma’s latest release, which is packed with features and improvements.
We strongly suggest upgrading, in order to take advantage of the latest and greatest when it comes to service mesh.

Notable Features

🚀 We provide a preview of Kubernetes Gateway API (opens new window)support for our builtin gateway. This makes it easier than to provide a gateway to lead traffic through your mesh.
🚀 Full support for the “inspect API” on builtin gateway resources. This enables users to see which policies impact which gateway routes.
🚀 ZoneEgress received many improvements like: support for Standalone, locality aware routing on external services and support for FaultInjection and RateLimit policies on external services.
🚀 A preview of the completely rewritten transparent proxy, this aims to make transparent proxy more stable and provide us with pathways for further innovation.
Many improvements to the Helm charts like: exposing the CP with an ingress, providing resource limits to components, and customizing image tags and security context.
A new metric to see how long configuration changes take to propagate to data plane proxies.

And a lot more!

For a complete list of features and updates, take a look at the full changelog. Also check the upgrade path.

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