Insomnia 2023.2.0-beta.1 📦


Mar 31, 2023

A big thanks to the 6 contributors who made this release possible. Here are some highlights ✨:


Fixed an issue where response previews were not properly decoded and rendered in UTF-8 (#5836) @dnicolson
Fixed and issue where request body data was not properly set if charset information is set in “consumes” field for Swagger files (#5812) @89ht
Fixed an issue where environment variables generated by OpenApi and Swagger importers now use underscore-dot syntax, instead of custom variable access. (#5807) @Asamsig


Added basic support for Kong 3.0 declarative config generation from OpenAPI specs.(#5827) @filfreire
Added better error handling for Git Sync related edge cases (#5844) @gatzjames
Improved the way imports are handled to avoid issues similar to #4274 where sometimes users would import a file, see a success message but data would not be properly imported (#5869) @gatzjames
Improved parsing for cURL imports, supporting different data types. (#5818) @NickHackman

Inso CLI

Added basic support for Kong 3.0 for inso generate config with new –kongVersion option. (#5827) @filfreire

All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @89ht, @Asamsig, @dnicolson, @filfreire, @gatzjames, @NickHackman

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