Kong Expands AWS Offerings with Marketplace Listing and EKS Anywhere

Kong has been hard at work to provide our customers’ the best user experience of running our products in the AWS cloud. We’ve seen tremendous growth in our partnership with AWS in terms of joint solutions (co-build), building awareness through events and workshops (co-market), and growth in the adoption of our solutions (co-sell). In fact, Kong has seen exponential growth in our Kong on AWS business year over year. 

Kong Konnect is now available in AWS Marketplace

Over the past year, Kong has been focused on expanding its offerings with AWS to simplify how our customers purchase and deploy Kong in the AWS cloud. Today, we’re excited to announce that Kong Konnect is now listed in AWS Marketplace. Kong customers can now purchase and accelerate the use of Kong Konnect in a matter of a few clicks.

According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting, “Organizations who shifted their software procurement to AWS Marketplace were able to drive efficiency throughout the entire procurement process, save on licensing fees by transitioning to more flexible licensing models, and vet and onboard new vendors with less effort than traditional practices.” 

In order to help customers experience the power of Kong Konnect, Kong is offering a free trial of Kong Konnect Enterprise through AWS Marketplace here. The free trial is available exclusively through AWS Marketplace through the end of October.

“Customers are choosing Kong to accelerate their digital transformation and application modernization initiatives. Together with the AWS Marketplace, we can now go a step further and shorten the procurement and provisioning processes, providing a better overall experience and most importantly reducing time to value”, said Kristian Gyorkos, VP Alliances, Kong.

Figure 1: Kong Konnect now available in AWS Marketplace


EKS Anywhere Bare Metal Launch Partner

One of Kong’s foundational tenets is providing our customers architectural freedom to run Kong in a wide variety of AWS and hybrid cloud environments. To that effect, the Kong engineering teams collaborated with AWS to validate the functionality of Kong Gateway on EKS Anywhere Bare Metal, a solution to run EKS clusters directly atop on-premise bare-metal servers, rather than within Virtual Machines or Cloud Instances. 

As a result of this validation, Kong was named an AWS launch partner for EKS Anywhere Bare Metal service launch. You can view the announcement blog here.

These latest developments with AWS/Kong help our customers accelerate their time to value, and provide flexibility in deploying Kong on AWS.

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Kong Community, Japanの管理人。酒と旅行と音楽を愛し、天気の良い日はほぼ家にいない行動派です。


Kong Community, Japanの管理人。酒と旅行と音楽を愛し、天気の良い日はほぼ家にいない行動派です。

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